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360° Shade, 3D Printed, Interchangeable Covers, Elastic Safety Strap

100% Made In Texas!

3D printed with a plastic/rubber composite gives the EquiHalo a firm but flexible base, the rubber inner fingers give each helmet a unique fit. The EquiHalo also unique in the fact that it features an elastic safety strap that goes inside the helmet to insure that it won’t come off during windy days or speed events.
As a start up/small business we are 100% self funded, we are constantly printing and sewing so check back soon if we are out of stock.

Although there are limited cover colors available now, we will continue to add more throughout the year as well as seasonal/holiday releases.
The EquiHalo works best with fitted or adjustable helmets, rider must wear helmet and chin strap snuggly as recommended by the helmet manufacturer to prevent “bobbling”.
The EquiHalo is 9oz or less.


We sized this to lots of helmets on the market today, sucessfully fitting the majority of helmets snugly. Please keep in mind, there are hundreds of helmets on the market. We are developing more sizes and eventually a childrens line.

If it does not fit, you can exchange for another size or return in within 30 days for a full refund.

This is not a safety device, it is a helmet shade attachment, this attachment does not abide by the same regulations or testing requirements as helmets.

Please watch our installation and care video at https://youtube.com/channel/UCrIfsqK1yxmgvc-Bm5ro13Q

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  • Safety Assumptions

    Always check your helmet manufacturers policies before altering your helmet in any way, this includes painting, adding stickers or any aftermarket covers, as this may affect the safety of the helmet.

  • Attention

    The EquiHalo was not designed to protect your head or neck from physical injury in anyway.  The EquiHalo was designed to protect a riders face and neck from from the sun damage. The elastic safety strap was designed to secure the EquiHalo to the helmet and prevent injury from being dislodged. 

  • Disclaimer

    This is not a safety device, it is a helmet shade attachment, this attachment does not abide by the same regulations or testing requirements as helmets but has crush rate testing planned with a lab

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